Who uses a Waterproof clipboard?

Who uses a Waterproof clipboard?

Waterproof clipboards by Paperdry keep your notes dry, no matter the weather. Professionals like ecologists, construction workers, coaches and geologists rely on Paperdry for their fieldwork.

We love to support ecologists in their world-saving work with our waterproof clipboards. We recently spotted a waterproof clipboard being used by ecologists at Arup. The Wild West End project by Arup created habitats for bats birds and butterflies in the heart of London. Their amazing work helped reintroduce Black Redstarts to London for the first time in many years.

Ecologists with waterproof clipboards

Sports coaches and referees, especially in rainy climes, rely on Paperdry waterproof clipboards to keep score and encourage athletes. We’ve heard about a Paperdry waterproof clipboard being used by equestrian jump judges, hockey referees and track coaches. We have over 1000 Amazon reviews for our clipboards, (with a high rating 😎) and sports are the most commonly mentioned use. If you are lucky you might be able to spot a Paperdry at your local Parkrun, especially on a rainy day. Is that a Red Paperdry clipboard at our local Parkrun? 😮


A waterproof clipboard at a Parkrun

It isn’t just Coaches and Ecologists using a waterproof clipboard though. Our clipboards are also used by Geologists, Architects, the American and British Militaries and professional meter readers.


A Waterproof clipboard on TV?


The excellent BBC documentary “Wales: Land of the wild” included a fascinating insight into the work of inspiring Marine Biologist Alys Perry.

A Waterproof clipboard being used by a marine biologist.

While she was studying Seal behaviour she was using a waterproof clipboard to keep her papers dry. Can you spot which brand she seems to be using?

Looks like an A3 Landscape to us.

We've also spotted a waterproof clipboard by Paperdry on the Amazon Prime show "Clarkson's Farm". Once again the waterproof clipboard is in the hands of an ecologist, although this time they are checking for water voles.

Ecologist on Clarkson's farm using a waterproof clipboard

Let us know if you spot a Paperdry in the media and we'll put it up on our website as well. What will you do with your waterproof clipboard?